8-Bit Girl & Geek Mash

8-Bit Girl and Geek Mash are two blogs I write for voluntarily and as a hobby. Find out more about them below!

I established 8-Bit Girl in June 2011 after wishing to write about one of my favourite pasttimes-gaming. Since then, 8-Bit Girl has increased its subscribers and followers significantly, spreading across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch as well as the blog.

The blog serves as a place for me to write regular features, interviews, reviews and news posts, as well as allowing me to post up the latest YouTube videos I have recorded and edited. 

8-Bit Girl is still regularly updated when I get the time.

I pitched the idea of starting up a collaborative blog with my group of friends back in February 2015. The blog would be a place for us all to update at our leisure with blog posts on topics we feel passionate about. Deciding on the name 'Geek Mash' (the blog is literally a mash-up of geek topics), we launched the blog along with a Facebook, Twitter and more recently, a YouTube account. 

Under Geek Mash I have attended press events, regularly update the blog with collaborative and solo posts, have recorded gameplay and other videos for our YouTube account and manage our social media accounts daily.

Since its launch, Geek Mash has grown significantly, and I am hugely proud of what we have achieved.

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