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Kayleigh Powis
Current profession: Spotify Social Media/Content Associate. 

I am a British 28 year old who has written for publications such as MCM Buzz, WhatCulture, GamersDailyNews, and The Sun. I've been published in a gaming magazine, Pixel Nation, was the Senior Copywriter for Zee & Co (until December 2015), and have been providing blog posts, articles and SEO text on a freelance basis since 2009.

My writing career started as a voluntary writer for my University newspaper, The Rabbit, which I wrote for for three years and contributed both gaming and film articles. Since then, I've written for several voluntarily run publications, as well as writing paid pieces too. 

In June 2011 I founded 8-Bit Girl, a personal gaming blog where I have had the opportunity to interview a variety of gaming developers, artists, musicians, etc. I also provide regular news, opinion pieces, features and reviews. 8-Bit Girl has grown significantly, now including a growing fanbase on Facebook and Twitter, a Twitch account and YouTube channel.

As well as 8-Bit Girl, I also reguarly write for Geek Mash, a collaborative blog I set up with a bunch of close friends. Here, I contribute film, music, game, popular culture feature articles, reviews and interviews.

Through 8-Bit Girl, Geek Mash, Zee & Co and other publications, I have managed to attend several events as press, including the MCM Comic Con, London Gaming Con, and Eurogamer Expo

Reviews & Recommendations
Please read my reviews and reccommendations on my Facebook page and LinkedIn. 

I Regularly Write For:
8-Bit Girl
Geek Mash 
The Search Agency
Zee & Co (website and blog)

-Plus various clients on a freelance basis.


  • Diploma in Freelance Journalism from the British College of Journalism
  • BA History with Film Studies 2:2 from the University of Essex
  • 3 A Levels: Film Studies, Media Studies, History
  • 1 AS Level: English Literature
  • 10 GCSE's (if you are interested in what they are, get in touch).

Hiring Me
Experienced in SEO copywriting, blogging, journalistic writing, social media promotion and more, I am open for freelance paid writing positions. If you are interested in hiring me for your project, then please email kayleighjpowis@gmail.com.

If you desire my CV, any further information, etc, then again, please get in touch!

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